Expungement of Criminal Convictions

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The Importance of the Expungement Process

If you've suffered a previous criminal conviction, one of the most debilitating consequences stems from the required disclosure of that conviction during a job search. While it's always important to be honest when applying for a job, there are few things that will more quickly remove a person from serious consideration for employment than the disclosure of a prior criminal conviction.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to tell a potential employer that you don’t have a conviction? Here's the good news: getting your record expunged may be available to you even if you’ve suffered a felony conviction.

For me, the chance to help people with the process of clearing their criminal record may well be the most rewarding part of being a criminal defense attorney. If someone has taken steps to turn their life around, overcome the challenges associated with a criminal conviction and made strides toward leading a law-abiding existence, they deserve the chance to petition the Court to remove the stigma of a criminal conviction.

In California, the law recognizes that many people who have made mistakes and committed crimes are actually good folks who have made bad decisions and who deserve a second chance. Pursuant to the provisions of the California Penal Code, a person can petition the Court to have their plea of guilty or no contest withdrawn, enter a plea of not guilty and have their conviction set aside.

Providing assistance in this process is something I truly enjoy. If you are serious about taking steps to close out a troublesome chapter from your past and want to clear your record, then call me today and partner with an attorney committed to helping you build your case for expungement.

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