Driving Under The Influence

DUI Cases and DMV Hearings
A person charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs inevitably faces an upsetting and often embarrassing experience. More important, a "Driving Under the Influence" charge is a serious offense that can have long-lasting negative consequences.

The existence of prior DUI convictions within the ten year period previous to arrest can result in more serious penalties including additional custody time, increased fines, and longer license suspension periods. If the new case involves an accident with injury, the prosecutor may elect to file the case as a felony.

Aside from the formal criminal court proceedings, the Department of Motor Vehicles will initiate a separate administrative sanction which can result in the suspension or restriction of a person’s driving privilege. Failure to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles within ten days from the date of arrest to request a hearing and a stay of any administrative action will result in an automatic loss of license.

With so much at stake, obtaining the assistance of a qualified professional capable of preparing the best possible defense for your case is of paramount importance. That preparation will require a comprehensive examination of all documentary and physical evidence including the results of the breathalyzer or blood test, consultation with experts regarding the validity of test results, as well as a detailed review of the probable cause statement used to justify the initial stop or detention.

In most instances, your attorney can make all court appearances on your behalf. For many people, the convenience of appearing through counsel and the opportunity to avoid making a personal appearance is an important practical concern.
Every DUI case presents its own challenges and opportunities and in every DUI case he accepts, Lars Shallberg works diligently to protect the best interests and the very freedom of his clients. Mr. Shallberg takes on a limited number of DUI cases each month based upon the belief that taking the time to properly prepare each case is a better approach than simply racing through as many cases as possible.
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